ERO Report

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These are the findings of the Education Review Office’s latest report on Point View School.

For this review, our process followed the newly established protocols for schools that had previously been awarded a four to five year review period. In 2009 Point View was one of the first schools in New Zealand to be awarded this ‘four to five year’ status, based on the school’s “capability to effectively use self-review to sustain its high performance to improve outcomes for students”. As a result, we were one of the first to be reviewed under the the newly established Arotake Paehiranga protocols, with the school taking a lead in demonstrating its current capabilities and effectiveness.

We enjoyed this challenge and set up a very busy week for the review team, where they observed student learning, reviewed documentation and talked in depth to our leaders, teachers, support staff, students, parents and board members. The review team was seeking evidence of the quality of the school’s practices, especially its use of self-review to sustain and continue improvement. These practices were deemed to be robust and effective and we were again awarded a four to five year review.

Here are just a few of the passages from the report, listed under the headings in the report.

Context: What are the important features of this school that have an impact on student learning?
“The inclusive culture and respectful relationships modelled by staff support student learning and well-being.”
“High quality leadership by the Principal, the Board and senior managers promotes effective self-review and ongoing school improvement. Teachers work collaboratively to make the curriculum relevant and engaging.”
“ERO’s 2009 review identified strengths in school governance and management that supported high levels of student achievement. These practices have been sustained and further developed.”
“Resourcing decisions are made thoughtfully, considering student learning needs, best practice and community aspirations.”

Learning: How well does the school use achievement information to make positive changes to learners’ engagagement, progress and achievement?
“The school provides an inclusive and responsive learning environment.”
“Criteria for success are evident in classrooms and explicit in teacher practice.”
“School leaders analyse achievement information, report patterns and trends in the data, and set appropriate goals for improving student outcomes.”

Curriculum: How effectively does this school’s curriculum promote and support student learning?
“Students benefit from the school’s integrated curriculum model. This interest based planning approach promotes high levels of engagement as it enables students and teachers to develop relevant and authentic contexts for learning.”
“Co-curricular activities provide students with diverse learning opportunities.”
“An emphasis on e-learning supports other innovations in the school’s curriculum. The students are highly engaged in using a variety of digital tools and approaches.”
“The school’s popular and successful kapa haka group provides evidence of the enthusiasm of parents, community members and staff in supporting tikanga Maori.”

Sustainable Performance: How well placed is the school to sustain and improve its performance?
“The school is very well placed to sustain ongoing improvement. Distributed and shared leadership, together with systematic self review, are key factors in the school’s continued high performance.”
“Developments in teacher practice, curriculum innovation and e-learning are prioritised and particulary well resourced.”

Thank you to all our students, staff, parents and board members for their hard work and commitment to student learning and ongoing improvement. All their efforts have certainly been recognised in this report.