Principal’s Message

Welcome to theJudy Photo Year Book 2009 cropped Point View School community. We trust that everyone who visits our school or engages with us online will sense what a special place this is for our students, staff and community.

What a privilege it is to be part of this exciting learning environment.  As you walk around the school you will see students on task with their learning, teachers engaged with their students and rooms awash with quality work and stimulating displays. There are extensive professional learning opportunities for staff and there is ongoing professional dialogue amongst teachers.  Our students are happy, healthy and keen to learn.  We celebrate the wide range of cultures in the school. We have great facilities, in terms of  buildings and learning resources.  We also have the unending support of a highly competent Board of Trustees, an active Family and Friends group and the wider community.

Our learning is focused on preparing our students for their future. We use a cross-curricular integrated approach for planning student programmes. Our school inquiry learning model underpins much of our student work, with a focus on rich tasks and purposeful, real-life contexts.  Our digital technology is extensive and well utilised.  Analysis of student achievement data shows that most of our students achieve at or above national expectations in reading, writing and mathematics.

Our school vision embodies our dreams for our children, our nation and our world.  As we work towards fulfiling these dreams we will continue to learn together and we will ensure that Point View School remains a very special place for everyone in our school community.
Judy Parr