At Point View School we have always recognised the incredible potential that digital devices have to support learning. As adults, our learning capabilities have expanded exponentially as we access information on the internet and as we use the analytical and creative power of digital applications. As teachers, the potential of digital devices as learning tools for our students has been the focus of professional learning for many years. Alongside this we have had significant improvements in our digital infrastructure, through the School Network Upgrade Project (SNUP), installation of ultra fast broadband and Ministry provision of internet services through Network for Learning (N4L).

Our Board of Trustees has supported extensive expenditure on digital devices for students in the past and we believe we are among the best-equipped state primary schools in the country, in terms of devices available and our integration of digital tools into learning. The time has now come to actively supplement the school’s provision of digital devices with students ‘bringing their own devices’, referred to as BYOD. Many of our students are already doing this but we plan to encourage the practice more actively from now on, so we are providing information about devices used in our classrooms.

The three devices used most effectively by students in our classrooms are iPads (used mainly in the Juniors for literacy, maths and on-line work), Chromebooks (used in Years 3-6 for on-line work, including writing, publishing and research) and Apple MacBooks (used as above and for multi-media work). iPads are available from around $580, Chromebooks from around $360 and MacBooks from around $1200.

We do encourage families to consider sending a device to school for their own child’s use next year. We have a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and permission forms to support this practice and believe that this step will further enhance learning at our school in 2015.

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ICT BYOD Student Use Agreement 2016