Out of Zone Enrolments

General Information

The school has an approved enrolment policy based on a defined geographic zone, information on in zone and out of zone enrolments is detailed below.  The School Office is open between 8.30am and 3.30pm daily during term time.  If you have any queries about enrolment please contact us on admin@pointview.school.nz or phone 274 0637.


The next ballot will be held in October 2019 for all children born in 2015 and turning five before December 2020.  Applications close on Wednesday 15 October and the ballot draw will be held on Wednesday 22 October.  All applications including siblings of current students must apply online before the close off date, details below.

SIBLINGS – out of zone students who have a brother or sister currently studying at Point View School are not automatically entitled to enrol, the MUST also apply through the out of zone ballot before the close off date.  Please follow this link SIBLING Out of Zone Application  to submit your application.

ALL OTHER APPLICANTS  Please follow this link Out of Zone Application  to submit your application.

Applicants who are not offered a place from the draw will have the opportunity to go on the waiting list for their year level.  Please note that a place on the waiting list does not guarantee that a place will become available at a later stage, an offer can only be made if a space becomes available in the appropriate year level.