Feet First



Parents, your children have been asked to walk to school on a Tuesday no matter what the weather, this is to go into a competition for Feetfirst campaign.  Our school continues to promote healthy diets with exercising in many forms.

If you HAVE to drive your children, please park either on Kilimanjaro Drive or Santa Ana or Inagh place and walk from there.

This will allow the children to walk a distance and assist in avoiding cars driving past the school.

I ask you… CAN YOU DO IT???
Your response… YES WE CAN!!!  

Treading Tuesdays should include raincoats, school beanies, gloves, scarf and a great attitude.

Thank you Marion Galloway marion@tjsproperty.co.nz

Click here to see our school Treading Tuesday weekly results

For more information go to http://www.feetfirst.govt.nz CAN YOU DO IT???