Our school has a sincere desire to be a family school with parents, students and staff following our motto and all LEARNING TOGETHER. We hope you enjoy visiting our website and find the information available of interest. We would love to hear from you wherever you may be. Email us at… read more →

The juniors visited the Howick Historical Village last week to learn about toys from the past. We rotated around a range of activities where we learnt about indoor toys, outdoor toys, games that children used to play and we also had a chance to explore the buildings and exhibits around the village. The children were able.. read more →

For book week we had some authors and illustrators come and visit us. One of them was Erin Devlin who is an author and puppet maker. Erin used her puppets to tell us some of the stories that she has written. We all loved listening to Erin’s stories and some of us even got to.. read more →

The Auckland Theatre Company came and performed their version of Maui and the Sun to the junior school. The performance involved singing, puppets and a wide range of instruments. We were all engaged throughout the performance and found it very funny. ; read more →

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Room 11 have been experimenting with Pop Art. First we made examples with digital art using our photos to Birkenhead Leisure Centre. Next we learned all about onomatopoeia and how it is used in art. What do you think? Does our art pop?   read more →

Te Tuhi Trip This term Room 13 went to Te Tuhi art gallery to create an artwork called Dream Houses.  We went in a bus and it took us 15 minutes. First of all we met our educator called Salome who showed us the way to the work shop.  There we sat on stools.  Salome.. read more →

Room 30’s learning about fossils led to some creative, colourful artwork.  They found all sorts of different leaves in The Hive to make crayon rubbings of, which they dyed and then cut out to display on black paper with a colourful border. read more →

This term some of the junior classes have been learning about metaphors as part of a New Zealand wide writing activity. We were given postcards which we had to write a metaphor about ourselves on. We also had to complete a big poster about Room 6. We then posted our postcards and poster to another school.. read more →