This term, students are learning about two exciting topics:

The 4 R’s

  • Refuse – say no to things you do not need e.g. straws
  • Reduce – use less e.g, turn the tap off when brushing your teeth, turns of the lights when you don’t need them
  • Rethink – think about whether you need it
  • Recycle – -put waste into the recycling bins

We will be exploring the word ‘waste’ and how we can use the 4 R’s to care for our environment.


We will also be looking at parts of a bee and the bee life cycle,

We will explore that bees belong to a group of animals called insects.

All insects have:

  • 6 legs
  • 4 wings
  • 3 main body parts – head, thorax and abdomen
  • 2 antennae

How to help at home

  • Visit the library or explore online resources to talk about these topics.
  • Tell with detail, Talk with detail
  • Use your first language when talking about these topics, and English if comfortable.