Term 2 2020

Year 2

For the rest of this term, we will be learning about day and night (as well as finishing our work on the Bee Life Cycle).

Day and Night

Some facts:

We get day and night because  of the way the Earth rotates.

Earth rotates on its axis (an imaginary line).

The Earth takes 1 day or 24 hours to rotate or spin.

When we are facing the sun we get daytime.

When we are facing away from the sun we get night.

Words we will be learning:





Ways to help at home

  • Talk about activities you do during the day and at night.
  • Watch kid friendly video clips about day and night
  • Talk about the words above (in your first language) and expand on their meaning
  • Read books about day and night (in your home language, and English when comfortable).