Term 4 Animals and Habitats

This term we are learning about animals and their habitats.

Words/concepts we are learning include:

Habitat – the natural home of an animal or plant.  A good habitat needs food, water, space and shelter,

Camouflage – when animals use their colour or shape to hide

Adaptation – part of an animal’s body that make it survive in it’s habitat

Mammal – animals that are warm blooded, give birth to babies, have a backbone, have hair or fur, have lungs, live on land or water

Carnivores – animals that eat mainly meat

Herbivores – animals that eat mainly plants, leaves, fruit, vegetables

Omnivores – animals that eat both meat and plants

Ways to help at home:

  • Talk with your child about what they are learning in class
  • Use your first language and then English when comfortable.
  • Say more – extend their vocabulary 
  • Tell the detail – Tell with detail 
  • Find books from the library about the topic.