Term  1 Weeks 6-10

We are now starting a unit of work on Waste and caring for our environment.

Waste is anything that you don’t want anymore and is thrown away.

People make waste but we can make less waste by using our 5R’s.

The 5R’s  are:

  •  Refuse – say no to items that are not good for the environment like plastic straws
  • Rethink – think about what you are buying and if you really need it
  • Reduce – use less.  Use less water (turn off the taps when you are brushing your teeth). Use less electricity (turn off the lights if you are not using them)
  • Recycle – put your recycling in the recycling bin
  • Rot  or compost – Put your vegetable scraps in the compost bin

We will also look at words such as litter and landfill.

How to help at home

  •  Talk about each word – what it is, what is means
  •  Talk and tell with detail
  • Are there words in your first language?
  • Use the words in sentences
  • Read about the topic – join the library and explore online resources