So far this year the Middle school have been getting to know each other.

We have done this by asking and answering each other questions and reporting this information back to the group.

Along with other things we discussed were: where the people in our group were born, the different languages/dialects we speak, the musical instruments we play and the pets we have.

We have practiced using the correct pronoun he or she, using the correct tense, using capital letters, turning statements into questions and many other things.


Year 3

After our trip to the dairy farm, the year three classes have continued to learn about milk.

Our focus is ‘change through the process’.

We are going to be looking at 3 processes.

  1. How cows turn grass into milk.
  2. How milk is changed at the processing plant.
  3. How milk products are changed as their states change (kitchen chemistry).

Year 4

Building up to the trip to Chelsea Sugar Refinery we have been looking at the types of sugar and how it gets to us.

Our focus is ‘change through the process’.

We are going to be looking at 3 processes.

  1. How sugar cane is grown.
  2. How sugar is changed through milling and refining.
  3. How sugar products are changed as their states change (kitchen chemistry).


Year 3

We are exploring change as we watch chicks hatch out of eggs.

We will be learning vocabulary associated with chicken hatching.

  • Crack, pip, zip, cheep, shell, egg beak, hatching, dander, incubator, brooder box.

We will be focusing on using time connectives to help sequence our writing.

  • first, then, next, after, finally.

Year 4

We will be learning about the characteristics of the 3 states of matter by exploring objects around us.

We will be using words and phrases such as

  • Solid, liquid, gas, particles, flow, holds shape, takes the shape of the container, has no shape.

We will be focusing on justifying our thoughts and opinion by using the following words

  • I think, because, I know that because, I noticed, The text says, for example.


Year 3 and 4

We are looking at how the states of matter can change. This will be explored through Kitchen Chemistry.

The vocabulary and phrases we will be using

  • Melt, absorb heat, release heat, cool, physical change, chemical change, reversible, irreversible, temperature, melting and freezing points.

We are working towards a piece of an explanation writing using

  • time connectives such as, then, first, after that, finally
  • causal connectives, because, produces, this causes, as a result, this means

In our first lesson

  • We sorted items into groups

  • Tried to turn a solid into a liquid using just our body.