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Welcome to the Junior School webpage for 2020!

28.08.19 Feel free to come in and view the junior school’s amazing creations in our classrooms and chat to us about our learning! read more →

13.08.19 As part of our study on toys (past and present) we embarked on a school trip to the Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT) and we were not disappointed. We were immersed in all the different exhibits and thoroughly enjoyed going on a scavenger hunt among the historic buildings. The tram ride that travelled.. read more →

19.06.19 Today PVS had a visit from Science in a Van. Alan and Emily showed us how to balance a stick on one finger.  We had to find the centre of balance so we made a prediction and then an observation.They made bubbles and we found out about the word mixture.  Inside the bubble is air… read more →

04.06.19 We are so very lucky to have Mr Rankin who teaches us once a term. He gives us opportunities to develop our skills in science, technology, engineering and maths. Today we built robots out of Lego blocks and we used iPads to programme them. We engineered the movements of the robots and we got.. read more →

06.06.19 Nikolai from St John Emergency Services came in to PVS and gave us opportunities to think, talk and role play situations that would make us aware of how to respond in various emergencies. We worked in groups to decide on various scenarios and the response needed and we practised how to deal with people.. read more →

15.05.19 What a wonderful trip we had today and we were so lucky with the weather. When we arrived we had morning tea and then the children went with their parent helper and enjoyed walking around the Botanic Gardens.  They had to find a range of different flower colours, the  insects that were around the.. read more →

09.05.19 Room 5 planted some swan plants that had been donated by Kings Plant Barn. Many thanks to Lydia and Peenaz, Grace and Zoe’s mums, for coming along to dig the holes so that we could pop the plants in. Hopefully next year there will be many monarch caterpillars and butterflies resident in that corner.. read more →

29.04.19 It is great being back at school all ready for Term 2! This first week is a celebration of books and we thoroughly enjoyed Stu Duval, an author and illustrator who has become a firm favourite visitor to our school. Stu writes books and he loves to draw, especially cartoons. He told us about a.. read more →

08.04.19 The junior students at PVS adore Mr Rankin and can’t wait to attend his awesome STEM programmes! In Term One the students had so much fun with Lego. First they designed their own animal and habitat using Lego.  The students had to think about the needs of the animal they were making.  This involved.. read more →