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Welcome to the Junior School webpage for 2018!

In Term 1, as a part of our inquiry study Taonga, we are learning to treasure our special self and respect each others differences.   Room 3 produced these self portraits to celebrate the uniqueness of our appearances. We thought carefully about space, shape and sizes when drawing ourselves and used colouring techniques to complete.. read more →

Letter sounds are all you need. Put them together and you can read and write! Room 1 is learning the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make. Here are some of the art we made that are related to our studies. A is for apple, a-a-a. S is for snake, s-s-s.    .. read more →

In Week 3 and 4 Junior School enjoyed learning about the Lunar New Year. New Year’s Day always falls on January 1st for the most of us in the world. In China and some other asian countries, New Year’s Day is also the first day of the first month of the Lunar Calendar! That means the dates.. read more →

Junior Breakfast and Tabloid Sports – 23 February 2018 – Report by Room 4 What a great day we had today.  The children arrived at 7:30 in the morning to have their breakfast.  They had cereal, toast and orange juice.  Then they cleaned their dishes, had a wash and then got changed into their t-shirt and.. read more →

The junior students visited New World at Botany to learn about jobs. We learnt about the jobs that people do within the supermarket and we also walked around Botany Town Centre and looked at other jobs such as the florist, optometrist, pharmacist, baker, post office, hair dresser, real estate agent and many more. read more →

The juniors have been learning about time this week. Some of us made our own analogue clocks and then we tested our buddies knowledge by asking them to make different times on their clocks. Check out the photos of it below. read more →

Here are some photos from the 2017 Cultural Day read more →

The juniors visited the Howick Historical Village last week to learn about toys from the past. We rotated around a range of activities where we learnt about indoor toys, outdoor toys, games that children used to play and we also had a chance to explore the buildings and exhibits around the village. The children were able.. read more →

For book week we had some authors and illustrators come and visit us. One of them was Erin Devlin who is an author and puppet maker. Erin used her puppets to tell us some of the stories that she has written. We all loved listening to Erin’s stories and some of us even got to.. read more →