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2020 – Wonder and Discover!                

Room 12 has been learning about landforms.  We learned about rivers and that they flow from high (mountains) to low places (ocean).  We also learned what happens to rock as it flows down a river to the beach.  The strong flow of the river makes rocks crush into each other, breaking them apart, causing the.. read more →

Room 30 have been studying the artwork of Paul Klee.  Our character portraits were influenced by his use of geometric shapes.   read more →

In Room 16 we have been learning to describe using our five senses – sight, touch, taste, sound and smell.  We popped some popcorn and we had a go at describing what was happening. Here are some of our poems – we hope you enjoy!   read more →

Have a look at some of the exciting trips the middle school has taken this term! read more →

The Middle School has been learning about treasuring ourselves, families, cultures, school and our environment. Here is a slideshow of some of the fabulous learning thats been happening in the Middle School classes so far this term.   read more →

Room 11 have been experimenting with Pop Art. First we made examples with digital art using our photos to Birkenhead Leisure Centre. Next we learned all about onomatopoeia and how it is used in art. What do you think? Does our art pop?   read more →

In the Middle School we have been learning about plants and flowers. Room 29 grew their own hanging gardens. Watch the video below to see how they made them. read more →