In Room 6, we have been learning about the life cycle and other interesting facts about insects.

Our favourite insect we have been learning about is the dung beetle.

Yes, dung is another word for poop. The scientist use the fancy word excrement instead. Here are some information report written on dung beetles by the children from Room 6.

I know that dung beetles are disgusting but also they are fascinating and wonderful creatures. Dung beetles eat poop but sometimes the dung beetles lay their eggs in the poop. They have three body parts – one the head, two, thorax, and three abdomen. They are this strong – a dung beetle can carry something that would be like a man who can carry six double decker buses with people in it! Sometimes some males do kung fu on the dung to protect their dungball from others. They also do a little dance on the ball to cool down. They look at the stars to know where they are going.

By Skyla


I think dung beetles are interesting creatures. Dung beetles sometimes don’t eat the poo but they lay eggs in it. Dung beetles are very clever because they use stars to find their way home. I think dung beetles are very important because if we didn’t have them this world will be covered in poo. Dung beetles have 2 very strong hind legs. They use these to roll a dung ball.

By Ray


Dung beetles are great helpers for us because they help us to clean animal poop. If we don’t have dung beetles the world will be covered in poop. Dung beetles lay their eggs in animal poop then bury it in a burrow. Baby dung beetles are called larva. A female dung beetle is the mother and male is the father.

By Esme


Dung beetles or scarabs are wonderful insects because they eat poop. They like omnivores poop most. But sometimes they lay their eggs in the poop. A baby scarab is called a larva. Dung beetles have 3 body parts – head, thorax, and abdomen. They have wings are the hard wing cases are called elytra. If we don’t have dung beetles the world will be called… poop world! The male dung beetles fight to protect their dung ball. They are Kungfu Pandas or should I say Kungfu Beetles!



We also did some clay art on dung beetles. We made the bodies with clay, and we used pipe cleaners for the legs. Then we used black vivid and glitter paint to colour them. The dung balls are not smelly because we used polystyrene balls. Aren’t they just so pretty?

Paige Hautler



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