Dear parents/caregivers of Middle School children

When school reopens, children in Year 3 and 4 will begin skipping as part of their fitness programme. This has been hugely successful in previous years and in implementing it we hope to build up the fitness levels of each child in preparation for our cross country in Term 3. Skipping also helps in developing the co-ordination and stamina of our students.

All Middle School students require an individual skipping rope. You may choose to provide this yourself or the school can purchase one on your behalf. The cost for school purchased skipping ropes is $6.00 each. Skipping ropes are available to order through School Online Payments For those of you who have more than one child in the Middle School, please order each child’s skipping rope individually to make the distribution process easier. If you need help with ordering, please contact the office on 274 0637. At the conclusion of our skipping programme, school purchased skipping ropes will be your child’s to keep.

If you wish to purchase a rope through the school, please do this as soon as possible to give us the best chance of having it available when school reopens.

Should you be providing a rope for your child, please ensure that it is durable enough to last the term. Please also ensure it is of an appropriate length. As a guide, individual skipping ropes should be long enough to be placed under one foot when the child is standing, with the handles coming up to the child’s armpits. (See photo.) Too much longer or shorter and they will have difficulty skipping.

Happy skipping! Middle School teachers