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Who Are We


The purpose of our Alumni and Friends Association is to give all past students, staff and friends of Point View School the chance to re-connect with the school and each other.  We want to keep you up to date with what is happening today in the school and build a strong Alumni community.

At Point View School we are extremely proud of each and every one of our alumni.  We would love to hear news about the successes and adventures of our past students and staff and we encourage you to continue sharing your journey with the school.

As a relatively young school our Alumni and Friends Association is just starting out so if you would like to be part of a foundation Alumni Committee please email us on alumni@pointview.school.nz or indicate on the registration form.

Who are alumni and friends?


If you attended Point View School as a student you are one of our Alumni.


If you have been part of the Point View School community as a staff member, parent or are simply one of our supporters, then you are a friend of the school.

There are no joining fees; go to our Registration page or simply follow this link to register http://registration

Alumni Objectives

  • To connect our alumni and friends with the current school community and foster a spirit of loyalty and friendship.
  • To foster friendships made during your time as a member of the school and to provide opportunities for alumni to meet socially.
  • To encourage interest in the school among alumni members and others.
  • To connect with positive role models for our current students.
  • To recognise distinguished service and achievements of our alumni members.

What can the Alumni Association offer you?

  • Regular updates on planning for the Point View School 20th Anniversary Celebrations to be held in 2017.
  • Notification of any special events to be held at Point View School.
  • Registration to receive an e-copy of our regular newsletter by emailing alumni@pointview.school.nz

We look forward to welcoming you to our association.