Architecture around the world

Architecture around the world

Join us as we travel back in time to discover Architectural marvels across the globe.

In each lesson we will uncover the when and why these landmarks were built, looking at the History and Technology available at that time.

And we will question how well the building achieves its purpose, and discuss how technology available at that time changes how building were built, and explore the Architectural and Engineering concepts behind the landmark.

This learning is reinforced through a LEGO Building Challenge, where the students become the architect of their own masterpieces, and present their build to the class, aiming to develop a student’s own creative solutions and build on the students’ presentation skills.


◊ Based on the LEGO® Serious Play principle and process
◊ Learn STEAM concepts in a fun online environment
◊ Integrate History, Technology, Science and Engineering
◊ Explore Engineering and Architectural principles
◊ Improve creativity, imagination and visual perception
◊ Improve fine-motor skills
◊ Improve presentation skills and confidence in speech
◊ Develop social skills

Student Age: 5-6, 7-9 Yrs
Class Duration: 60 mins
What do you need: iPad/Lap top, a 2L ice cream container size of LEGO bricks