Cross Country 2020

Cross Country 2020

Derek Dong from Room 11 coming in to win the Year 4 boys Cross Country race. Encouraging him is Ethan Huff from BDSC, an ex-Room 11 student from 2011

Year 3 Girls Cross Country

1st Place Yiran Liao

2nd Place Victoria Thou

3rd Place Emily Hou

4th Place Bella Blumenberg R

5th Place Celestine Zhang

6th Place Nicole van Nieuwkerk

7th Place Tia Guo

8th Place Scarlett Power

Year 3 Boys Cross Country

1st Place Mason Walker

2nd Place Liam Chandler R

3rd Place Eron Tsoi

4th Place Harvey Zhang

5th Place Justin Li

6th Place Lucas Wang

7th Place Kris Tan

8th Place Eugene Yip

Year 4 Girls Cross Country

1st Place Addison Ama

2nd Place Addison Bellew

3rd Place Luna Yin

4th Place Hayley Ung

5th Place Esme Tang

6th Place Khloe Bell

7th Place Enola Chen

8th Place Paige Hautler

Year 4 Boys Cross Country

1st Place Derek Dong

2nd Place Joshua Kriel

3rd Place Ethan Baker

4th Place Riley Potter

5th Place Kevin Chen

6th Place Cody Waters

7th Place Sachi Garratt

8th Place Dastan Prasad

Year 5 Girls Cross Country

1st Place Olivia Ama

2nd Place Sophia Cha

3rd Place Constance Wu

4th Place Olivia Jun

5th Place Delta Stewart

6th Place Annie Dong

7th Place Vanessa Qin

8th Place Giuliana Hancock

Year 5 Boys Cross Country

1st Place Kevin Leon

2nd Place Cadon Edwards

3rd Place Ryan Tsai

4th Place Jesse Lindsay

5th Place Dylan Standring

6th Place Jayden Ng

7th Place Christopher Ong

8th Place Kenneth Ho

Year 6 Girls Cross Country

1st Place Yilin Liao Rm

2nd Place Cara Tang Rm

3rd Place Payton Taylor

4th Place Nichole Jiang

5th Place Cisy Liu

6th Place Clementine Zhang

7th Place Tayla Penman Gates

8th Place Olivia Feng

Year 6 Boys Cross Country

1st Place Jai Pirini

2nd Place Kayden Bellew

3rd Place Aakash Lal

4th Place Max Flanagan

5th Place Jaxon Walker

6th Place Konnor Zhu

7th Place Yash Kumar

8th Place Lucas Peng