Kilkenny Mother’s Day Poems Room 11

Kilkenny Mother’s Day Poems Room 11

My Mum

My mum is sunshine, making everyday of mine brighter.

My mum is a firework, making my days always colourful.

My mum is a bowl of cereal, making me full of power and ready to work.

My mum is a shield, bringing everyone in my family to safeness.

My mum is a clock, giving me a reminder when I’m late for something.

My mum is glitter, making my day have a sparkle.

My mum is a torch, guiding my way through the darkness.

My mum is a bed making me always comfortable.

By Esme


My Mum

My mum is the best cook, she cooks delicious meals everyday.

My mum is Cinderella, she does all the house chores.

My mum is a hero, protecting me from all dangers.

My mum’s heart is an ocean, giving out love to everyone without expecting returns.

My mum is a professional gardener, planting fresh vegetables and juicy fruit.

My mum is an angle, granting me all my wishes.

My mum looks like a big tree, giving shade on sunny days and shelter on rainy days.

My mum is a great saver, saving money for our future needs.

By Raymond Hang