Message from the Principal

Message from the Principal

After our special cultural assembly on Friday, five children paused their game and ran up to me to ask about the flag I was wearing. I explained that it was St George’s Cross and represented where I come from, England. I then asked the children about their cultural clothing. One came from China, one from the Philippines, one from Sri Lanka, another from Singapore and the fifth, from South Africa. I think this says a great deal about our school. Six of us with far flung cultural roots, learning together at Point View.

Last week was a great celebration of our diverse, multicultural school. The activities and rituals that took place were on offer to provide opportunities for all to share their culture, experience their own and other people’s cultures and to help gain an appreciation of how important and fundamental culture is to each and every one of us.

Celebrating culture is one thing, understanding it, quite another. As I said to the assembly before the week began, our culture is part of who we are. As we learn about our culture, it helps us decide what is most important in our lives. However, I know from personal experience that culture is so much a part of us that gaining an understanding of it is often impossible until elements are removed by, for example, living and working in different cultural environments. In addition, it is not an easy concept. It has multiple and diverse aspects. So, for primary aged children we focus on celebrating, sharing and experiencing each other’s cultures as a starting point to life-long learning. This is where the rich cultural mix of Point View provides such fantastic opportunities.

Cross-cultural friendships abound at our school and with them, hope for a more tolerant society with greater understanding and acceptance of diversity as our youth become parents and leaders in our world.

Following our recent experience with distance learning during lockdown, we asked for your response to three questions.

  • What has been the biggest surprise about learning at home?
  • What has been the hardest/most challenging thing about learning at home?
  • What part(s) of distance learning do you want to keep as school starts up again?

There was a great deal of really helpful feedback. I have reported back to the Board and would like to take this opportunity to share the report with the Point View Community.

Robin Kirkham,