Message from the Principal

Message from the Principal

The bees just keep on buzzing at Point View, the broccoli and spinach are flourishing, but I am sure that many families will be wondering what is happening with the children. About 17% of our students have been kept at home during the first week of Alert Level 2.

As most of you will have seen, the fences are up and strict rules are in place ensuring that adults, apart from school staff, are not allowed on the school grounds. Let me tell you that there is a lot of learning happening, a great deal of play and plenty of fun.

Students are starting the day with a farewell to family at the school boundary and by the time they walk into class they are ready to learn. Some have found new independence and self-confidence simply by walking into the school themselves. It is so important for a child to learn that “I can do this myself”. It’s the skipping season and the playground is full of skippers. Some teachers arrange skipping challenges as part of their health and PE class routines. Watching a year 4 group I noticed that a few had forgotten to bring their ropes to school – it made no difference, they were skipping away with an imaginary rope, doing all the tricks and turns!

This Friday seemed to be fun Friday. Y1 had a socially distanced music class spread out in the hall. I think Rooms 1 and 2 went back a little bit early. I watched them creeping silently across the playground. They tiptoed up the stairs and into their classroom. When Mrs Groom walked out of her office, they all went “BOO!” and gave her such a fright!

Students have adopted routines with ease. Leave the class – wash your hands first. Come back to class – what do we do? Wash our hands. Avoid the ‘moist breath zone’. If you don’t feel well, what do you do? Tell your teacher, off to sick bay with your bag, and then you’ll be going home to recover for at least the next day.

Where do we eat? In the classroom and afterwards the tables are given a wipe-down. We cannot do everything, so school trips, assemblies and syndicate gatherings are off limits right now. However, the learning, play and fun just keeps buzzing along like the bees.

Robin Kirkham