In Term 1, as a part of our inquiry study Taonga, we are learning to treasure our special self and respect each others differences.


Room 3 produced these self portraits to celebrate the uniqueness of our appearances. We thought carefully about space, shape and sizes when drawing ourselves and used colouring techniques to complete our portraits with pastels.



Room 5 read the book, The Crayons That Talked by Shane DeRolf. We learned that the world is much a better place with people of different race, ideas and personalities. We also learned that if we work together we achieve great things.

Wouldn’t it be terrible? Wouldn’t it be sad?

If just one single colour was the colour that we had?

If everything was purple? Or red? or blue? or green?

If yellow, pink or orange was all that could be seen?

Can you just imagine how dull the world would be?

If just one single colour was all we got to see?




As a part of our integrated studies, Room 10 made a pictograph to represent the different fruits they like.



Room 7 read The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. The story taught us about sharing friendship and being kind to others. Room 7 are learning to treasure our classmates, friends, classroom and our teachers. Please enjoy our Rainbow Fish art.


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