Good evening Point View Families

Great news that we move to Level 1 tonight. Thank you for your steadfast support over the past 75 days through all the various alert levels. It is this kind of partnership between the school and families that provides for the stability and level of guidance that our children need.

This letter provides you with some future guidelines for the start and end of the school day. Let me first explain why we are providing these.

Lockdown has taught us many new things especially that our children are often more resilient than we think.

We have certainly noticed, during Alert Level 2 restrictions, how independent and resilient children are when coming into school by themselves, carrying their own bags, unpacking them, and getting themselves organised for the day.  Our teachers have found in the mornings they now have more time to make connections with their students and build those relationships. Our students are calm and ready to begin the learning day with very few feeling anxious or tearful.

We have also found at the end of the day the children are capable of walking and meeting parents quite a distance away from the classroom.  This has allowed us to teach right up to as close to 3pm as possible.  When parents gather outside classrooms this is very distracting for children and afternoon learning is often compromised.

We would like to maintain these benefits.

Here are some guidelines that we ask you to follow:

  • For those who have collected their child successfully outside the school grounds at a predetermined spot, please continue to do this.
  • For those who wish to meet their children on site, there will be 3 pick-up zones on the school grounds as follows:

Junior Syndicate and their older siblings: under the large canopy at the front of the school, in the junior courtyard area in front of the garden and on the steps between the car park and the playground. Please do not use the car park. This will now be closed to pedestrians as it was before lockdown.

Middle Syndicate and their older siblings: the courts outside the hall and the courtyard by the table tennis tables

Senior Syndicate: the staff carpark off Keppoch Court

Please arrange with your children to use one of these on a regular basis.

  • Please do not congregate at the classroom doors and windows at either end of the day.
  • The steps outside the office will remain a go to point for any students or parents who cannot find each other.

To speak with teachers, we encourage you to email the classroom teacher to set up a meeting time. This can be in person, or as we have all learned throughout lockdown, online meetings provide the flexibility of time options.

If you have any queries or concerns, or need to drop something off, the school office is open again. As before the restrictions, we ask you to sign in as part of our normal health and safety procedures.

Thank you again for your support and strong sense of community.

Robin Kirkham


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