COVID-19 Alert Level 2 Parent Info 8-5-20

Kia ora koutou 大家好,

Like me, I am sure you have followed with interest the announcements made by the Prime Minister.


It is reassuring to hear how well our country has done at minimising the impacts of COVID19. Alert Levels 4 and 3 have not been easy and I thank you for your ongoing support for the work we are doing.

令人欣慰的是,我们国家在减少 COVID-19 传播做的非常好。警报级别 4 和 3 对每个家庭来 说都并不容易,我感谢您一贯的支持我们所做的工作。

Yesterday, the Prime Minister advised that in Alert Level 2 schools are safe environments for children, young people and staff and that additional public health control measures are in place to prevent the spread of disease and to support contact tracing.

昨天,总理告知,在 2 级警报下,学校对于儿童、青少年和教职员工是安全的,政府采用了 额外的公共卫生控制措施,以防止疾病蔓延,此措施也包括接触者追踪。

The good news is that when we are able to, we will be ready to welcome all students and staff back to our school site.

好消息是,在政府的允许下,我们将做好充足的准备来欢迎所有学生和教职员工回到我们的 学校。 T

he key Public Health approach is to minimise the risk that someone gets infected in the first place, and second to ensure we can identify and contact anyone who has been in close contact with a person, if someone in a school is infected.

最关键的公共卫生方法首先是将受到感染的风险降至最低。如果学校社区中有人受到感染, 需要确保我们能够识别和联系到与感染者有密切接触的人。

As we have done in Alert Level 3, you can be assured that in Alert Level 2 we will know who is at school, who our staff and students have been in close contact with and take appropriate measures to keep everyone safe.

正如我们在警报级别 3 中所做的那样,您可以放心,在警报级别 2 中,我们将知道每天哪个 学生在学校,我们的教职员工和哪个学生有密切接触,并采取适当措施,确保每个人的安 全。

Physical distancing is a good precaution to prevent the spread of disease. We do however know it is challenging in schools, so good hygiene practices and regular cleaning are even more important here. This includes staff and students coughing into their elbows, handwashing and drying and regular cleaning of commonly touched surfaces.

保持身体距离是预防疾病传播的好方法。然而,我们知道在学校保持身体距离不是那么容 易。因此良好的卫生习惯和定期清洁在学校里更为重要。这包括教职员工和学生咳嗽时用肘 部遮住嘴巴,常洗手和擦干手,并定期清洁经常被触摸的表面。

Under Alert Level 2, we advise any students and staff to stay at home if they are sick, and we will send anyone home immediately if they show any symptoms.

在警报级别 2 下,我们建议任何学生和教职员工生病时留在家中,如果在学校出现任何症 状,我们会立即将学生送回家。

Our school has safe and sensible practices to maintain the health and safety of everyone on the school site. As described by Dr Payinda in his NZ Herald article, “Covid’s not measles or chickenpox, it doesn’t hang in the air for hours waiting to infect passers-by. It travels on invisible drops of spit. You don’t have to cross the street to avoid anyone. Just avoid getting in their ‘moist breath’ zone”. We all just need to remember to have some breathing space at Alert Level 2!

我们学校有安全合理的流程,以保持学校每个人的健康和安全。正如 Payinda 博士在《新西 兰先驱报》的文章中描述的那样,”新冠病毒不是麻疹或水痘,它不会在空气中停留几个小 时,来感染路人。它通过看不见的唾液沫传播。你不必穿越马路来避开行人,但是需要避免 进入他们的”湿呼吸”区。我们都只需要记住在警报级别 2 下,每个人保持一定的呼吸距离!

It’s important however that not just at school but at home, safe hygiene habits are practised by everyone, as this is essential to minimise the risk that someone gets infected with Covid19.

重要的是,不仅只是在学校,在家里,每个人都都要养成安全的卫生习惯,这将对感染 Covid-19 的风险降至最低至关重要。

For more information about the public health measures at Alert Level 2, you can visit the website:

有关警报级别 2 中的公共卫生措施的详细信息,请访问 网站: If you have any questions about our health and safety plan, or have a child who might be vulnerable to serious illness and would like to discuss a plan for them, please contact me. 如果您对我们的健康和安全计划有任何疑问,或有健康问题的孩子,并希望讨论他们的安 排,请与我联系。 We will be in touch again soon to update you on our plans. 我们将很快再次与您联系,向您介绍我们的返校计划。

Ngā mihi 谢谢

Robin Kirkham Principal

8 May 2020

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