Each week the class that have the most number of students to bring Nude Food (lunchbox with no wrappers) get a special award – Kai the Kiwi and his whanau!

In Term 4, Week 9 Room 4 had 17 students bring Nude Food to school – Ka pai, Room 4!

They enjoyed having Kai’s whanau in their class for the week and some of the students from Room 4made a special presentation after Jump Jam on the last day of Term 3.


Point View Detectives – Room 4

Our super Point View detectives went around the playground to find out what was happening in our environment.

Their report was:

Jessica – Jessica introduced our super Point View detectives.

Mayank – He told us that more children have nude food.

Sidhansh – He told us that he noticed a child pick up some rubbish and put it in the bin.  The rubbish was not even his.

Jaskaran – He told us that children are using their big lunch containers to put their lunchboxes and drink bottles in.

Harkushal – She told us that everyone at Point View is thinking about how to keep our environment clean and safe.

Well done Junior school!

They got to wear cool glasses when they were giving their report.

Enjoy looking at the photos:

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