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Extended Leave for Students


Many families choose to take students out of school during term time for holidays. While overseas holiday experiences can be beneficial for students, the Education Act does require children to attend school each day that it is open for tuition. Principals may allow an absence of no more than five school days.

Process for term time leave notification

  • FIVE (5) DAYS OR LESS term time leave ONLY please follow the link below to complete this form at least one school week prior to the first day your child will be absent.  5 days or less leave and absence form.
  • LEAVE OF MORE THAN FIVE (5) DAYS term time leave for a specific purpose such as a family holiday overseas in notification must be submitted in writing to the Principal (please note DO NOT use the link above for this purpose) at least two school weeks in advance of the first day your child will be absent. The Ministry of Education requires the school to record such absences in the attendance system as ‘notified but unjustified’.

It is a Ministry requirement that any child absent from school without written confirmation of a return date must be removed from the school roll after 21 days.

If you have any questions speak to the administration team in the office.