On Saturday 7 March, we went on a trip to Eden Park to watch the Icc Cricket World Cup. South Africa and Pakistan were playing. Ms Pirie was hosting the ride and everything else.  Mrs Crous and Miss O’Brien came along too with Mr Cutler and Mr Low, our coach.  We had nearly everyone in the PVS cricket team going to the match. The cricket team also got to nominate others to come with them. When we got to the stadium we got posters with a 4 and a 6 on it. Later we got our inflatable cricket bats.  The team quickly rushed to our seats to see the National Anthems and the opening.  Pakistan batted first and South Africa had to field first.  Pakistan played 44.6 overs and were all out for 220. South Africa played 33.3 overs and were all out for  202.  During the game the team went to do some cricket activities behind the stadium. There were bouncy castles, cricket challenges and cricket practice.  We got to have food and could buy little bats and t-shirts.  After the match finished we all went to go home. On the way we were listening to awesome music sponsored by the amazing Yash and the awesome Livi!

Written by Yash and Livi