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Enrolment Pack

If you would like to submit an application, you will need to complete an International Student Application 

If the school is able to offer a place to the student payment of the fees is required to confirm acceptance.  The school will then provide a letter addressed to the Immigration Department confirming that a place at the school has been offered, the dates of the enrolment period and that all fees have been paid along with a copy of the receipt, to support your visa applications. 

Visa Eligibility: Both students and parents need to have Visitor Visas in order to qualify for enrolment as an International Student. 

 Please Note: Primary school aged international students must live with one or both of their parents in New Zealand while attending school. 

 Please supply the following documents with your application: 

  •  Passport of students and parents, and visas if available. 
  •  Immunisation for student record from your doctor. 
  •  Medical Insurance for the dates of enrolment. 
  •  Any other relevant immigration documents. 
  • Proof of New Zealand address such as a current tenancy          agreement. 

Once visas have been issued, we will be able to complete the enrolment process. 

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