Room 4’s Life Education Caravan experience:

Our Visit to the Life Education Caravan
Today we visited the large caravan at our school.
We met Kat and she showed us how the lights in the caravan can change colour.  She read a story about Harold the giraffe.  We found out that he likes dressing up, making new friends and he likes to be kind to everyone.
We talked about how we can show that we are a good friend.  We talked about sharing, caring and taking turns with our friends.  We did a friends puzzle and it had the words, share, play, care and help.
We watched a video of Harold.  In the video it showed if someone hurts themselves in the playground we need to ask if they are OK, that’s how we can be a good friend.  Harold played with rabbit and helped him on the monkey bars.  He asked some of the animals to join him in the playground.  Harold was such a great friend.

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