Mathathon 2020

This is a major fundraising event for the year.  The money raised will be used towards the school’s landscaping of our new outdoor learning and playing environments, due to start soon. Every child is expected to participate in the Math-athon to make it a successful event.  Your child will gain important mathematical knowledge by learning the basic facts and concepts.  This will be part of your child’s homework during the next three weeks.

  1. Please assist your child to learn the maths facts over the next three weeks. The children will be tested on 20 of the maths facts.
  2. Discuss with your child possible sponsors whom you feel would like to support your child and the school. Consider family members, friends and neighbours.
  3. Encourage your child to complete the sponsorship form by collecting as many sponsors as possible.

Thursday 27th August   All sponsorship forms to be returned to school.

Friday 28th August        Test Day

  • Results and teacher’s signature on form.
    • Sponsorship forms returned home.
    • Supervise children to collect money and make payment through your Pay Online account as soon as possible

Monday 14th September     ALL FORMS AND MONEY PAID TO SCHOOL


Pay Online – pay through your Pay Online account (you can type over the amount shown to put in your correct sponsorship money )

  • Bring your sponsorship form back to school completed with the following:
    • Student’s Name
    • Room Number

Amount of Money Collected and Paid online


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