13.08.19 As part of our study on toys (past and present) we embarked on a school trip to the Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT) and we were not disappointed. We were immersed in all the different exhibits and thoroughly enjoyed going on a scavenger hunt among the historic buildings. The tram ride that travelled to the aviation hangar was a delight. We enjoyed views of the park along the way and our friendly tram driver, Albert, was happy for us to disembark at the end of the track while he prepared to move to the other end of the coach in order to make the return journey.

Our education session with Cici and Kent was excellent! They introduced us to many old fashioned toys and then allowed us to play with them. We certainly enjoyed that opportunity and agree that it had been a very special visit.

Post written by Mrs Shewring, Slideshow by Miss Brunning & Miss Lee

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