On Tuesday the 12th of May four netball teams from Year 5 and Year 6 went to Lloyd Elsmore Park for the 2015 netball field day, where lots of school teams were participating. It all started well but then disaster struck. Rain was pouring down every single players neck and was dripping down our faces. It was quite hard to play as we couldn’t run as fast because of the risk of falling and hurting yourself. We also couldn’t grip the ball as tightly so it was difficult to catch and throw the ball. Despite the awful weather Point View team did amazingly and successfully won majority of their matches. In my opinion it was a great day even though I was wet completely through. I had much fun and I’m sure everyone else thinks the same.

Thank you to Mrs Bower who coached all the Point View netball teams and did very well. Also thanks to all the umpires who attended to the netball games.

By Annie Chen – Room 19 – Y6



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