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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees consists of five trustees elected every three years by parents of students in the school, along with the Principal and one staff representative elected by the school staff.   The Point View School Board of Trustees members have a variety of skills and experience, which enable the Board to successfully fulfil its governance responsibilities.  The Board can co-opt additional members if specific skills are required.

The role of the Board is to provide sound governance in the best interest of our students and community.  Communication between our Board of Trustees, school personnel, parents and the wider community, results in positive differences being made to our students’ achievements.

Our aim is to provide a quality education, fostering the development of individual potential, a love of learning and responsible citizenship.  We also aim to understand and reflect our community’s culture and values, thus supporting the preparation of our students to face future challenges after they leave Point View School.

The school is proud to have received a highly favourable external review from ERO in early 2018, their report is available here and also on their website. One of the comments made by the school Board having received this report was that it is good to see experienced external professionals affirm the School’s capability to evaluate itself. In this way the board has evidence that we constantly strive to grow, develop and improve for the benefit of our students.

Our review process followed the newly established protocols for schools that had previously been awarded a four to five year  review period.  In 2009 Point View was one of the first schools in New Zealand to be awarded this ‘four to five year’ status,  based on the school’s “capability to effectively use self review to sustain its high performance to improve outcomes for  students”.  As a result, we were one of the first to be reviewed under the the newly established Arotake Paehiranga protocols, with the school taking a lead in demonstrating its current capabilities and effectiveness.  We enjoyed this challenge and set up a very busy week for the review team, where they observed student learning, reviewed documentation and talked in depth to our students, leaders, teachers, support staff, students, parents and board members.  The review team was seeking evidence of the quality of the school’s practices, especially its use of self review to sustain and continue  improvement.  These practices were deemed to be robust and effective and we were again awarded a four to five year review.

The school’s annual report is available on this link:  Annual Report.pdf


MARIE CUTLER – Staff Representative
KYLIE PHILLIPS – Parent Representative
JON HAUTLER – Parent Representative
LORA LIAO- Parent Representative
STEPHAN BLUMENBERG – Parent Representative
CINDY YANG – Co-opted Representative