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The logo was developed in 1996 by Peter Smith, OBE, BA, Dip Tchg, Lecturer in Visual Arts at Auckland College of Education and member of the Establishment Board of Trustees, in response to the vision expressed by the Establishment Board and staff.  The logo represents the long term and much loved association of land and sea that is so much a feature of the district, sloping as it does towards the Waitemata and its bays, inlets and horizons.  It represents the sea, symbolised here in a wave pattern that suggests, firstly, the continuity of moving water and wave and, secondly, the partnership of Maori and Pakeha endorsed by the Treaty of Waitangi and represented in local associations.  In the logo the sea motif is based also on Maori rafter patterning: the patterns are not merely decorative but signify the continuity of family and tribal line.  The concept of generation following generation, each making its beginning and learning from its forebears, and each contributing to the next, is a characteristic of all societies of whatever ethnic origin and has meaning for all in the Point View School community, which is one of many cultures.

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