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Absent for the Day

Making sure all our children arrive safely and on time to school is important to us.  All classrooms call the Roll first thing in the morning and again after the lunch break.

If your child is going to be absent from school, please help us ensure they are safe by informing the office before 9.00am each day.  You can click on this link to send an email or phone the absence line 274 0637 and dial 1 to leave a message.

If your child is going to be absence for more than one day please make sure you state the days away clearly.  If your child is absent without notification at the 9.00am roll check, the office staff will phone you as soon as possible to ensure their safety.  This system relies on us having up-to-date phone numbers.  All absences must be covered by a phone call or a note signed by a parent.

Children arriving after 9.00am must be signed at the office by a parent.  Parents collecting children for appointments during school hours must sign them out at the office.