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Community Swimming Letter 2021

Pizza Day Notice

Year 3 Trip to Omana Regional Park – What to bring

Easter Egg Hunt

Year 6 Camp Notice

Year 3 & 4 Classes Only – Middle School Skipping 2021

Junior School Breakfast Notice 22 March 2021

Easter Egg Collection

Mathletics Notice 2021

Year 6 Activity Fees 2021

Year 5 Activity Fees 2021

Middle School Activity Fees 2021

Junior School activity fee 2021

Year 4 Trip to Eastern Beach 2021

Year 3 Trip to Omana Regional Park 2021

Year 6 School Camp 2021

Year 5 Trip to Sonshine Ranch 2021

Ordering School Lunches

Important Free safety filter for kids at home

School App Information

School App Upgrade Instructions 

Walking School bus

Instructions for ordering scholastics

School ‘Pay Online’ Guide for Users

Payment for any donation, activity fee, etc, may be paid through your account on our ‘Pay Online’ system, select the ‘Pay Online’ button at the bottom of the home page.