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Never miss out on what’s happening or forget special events again by getting the School App on your digital devices – it uses alerts to you informed about what is happening at school and to remind you about class activities, eg swimming, sports events etc.  Go to the ‘App Store’ on your device, search for School Apps NZ and download the App for free.  Make sure you choose Point View School then follow the instructions below:

When you ‘Open’ the app for the first time make sure you select ‘Allow’ for the message “Point View would like to send you notifications”.

Select ‘OK’ at the message “Choose Alert Groups” so you can choose which alerts you want to get, groups are:

  • Year Levels, ie junior school etc
  • Classrooms
  • Sports
  • Cultural
  • Music

From the Home Screen, you can send an absence notification, check the latest newsletters or notices, pay fees and check the school calendar etc.