19.06.19 Today PVS had a visit from Science in a Van. 
Alan and Emily showed us how to balance a stick on one finger.  We had to find the centre of balance so we made a prediction and then an observation.
They made bubbles and we found out about the word mixture.  Inside the bubble is air.  This is when two or more things come together, it makes a mixture.  They used dishwashing liquid, water and food colouring to try to make bubbles then water, cooking oil and food colouring.  With the mixture with cooking oil the mixture separated.
Then they mixed vinegar and baking soda and there was a reaction.  This means something happened to the mixture as the mixture started to grow!!!!
They put helium inside the bubble and the bubble went to the ceiling.  This showed us that helium is lighter than air.

Post written by Miss Brunning

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