29.04.19 It is great being back at school all ready for Term 2! This first week is a celebration of books and we thoroughly enjoyed Stu Duval, an author and illustrator who has become a firm favourite visitor to our school. Stu writes books and he loves to draw, especially cartoons. He told us about a new book that he has written called ‘The Legend of Captain Black Custard’.  It is about a pirate called Captain Black Custard who hated treasure.  He had a pirate ship called the Apple Tart.  He didn’t have swords, he had spoons and he searched the world with his crew, searching for puddings and recipes.  They landed in a bay with huge kauri trees and they had to find a hollow tree where Lamington Lil lived.  She made lamingtons and Captain Black Custard wanted to taste her cooking and get her recipe for lamingtons. It is a delightful story! We were engrossed and amused by the wonderful way Stu manages to draw and tell the story at the same time!

Post written by Mrs Shewring