Term 3 2020

Year 2

For the first half of this term, we will be learning about:

Matariki  – The Maori New Year (talk about how you celebrate New Year)

Earth and Moon

  • The Earth orbits (travels) around the Sun.
  • It takes 365 days for the Earth to orbit the Sun.
  • The Earth is the Suns’ satellite.
  • Earth has one moon.
  • Earth has water and oxygen (so humans can live on it)
  • The Moon orbits the Earth.
  • It takes 28 days for the Moon to orbit Earth.
  • The Moon is Earths satellite.
  • The Moon does not make its own light.

Sun and Stars

  • The Sun is a star.
  • The Sun is a ball of hot, glowing gas.
  • The Sun gives Earth light and heat.

Ways to help at home

Please talk about these ideas with your child at home

  • in your own language only
  • or in English only
  • or in your own language and then in English
  • Talk about anything to do with this topic (use the ideas below):

What to do?

You and your child share and talk.

Explain things.

Show them things / ideas if you can.

Give them new information and ideas.

Read books about the topic together.

If you do this it will really help your child to make even more sense of this topic and know much, much more.