Term 1 2021

Added for online learning:

English for Kids

Unite for literacy – use the ‘narration’ image to choose to listen to stories in your home language

So far this term we  have been getting to know each other – which languages we speak, to whom and where we were born.

We plan to move on to learning to use persuasive language and extending our sentences:

We will be

  • sharing our own opinions  example  “I think_______because_____”
  • learning to give a reason for our thinking
  • learning  to use modal verbs.   For example:  must, definitely, might, maybe
  • learning to use emotive words.  For example: serious, valuable, appalling and magnificent

Youtube clips to support online leaning:

Persuasive writing video

Persuasive writing video 2

If you have any questions feel free to contact me  m.cutler@pointview.school.nz