Term 3 2021

Our topic for Term 3 began with Caring for the Environment, will continue with Bridges, and conclude with the parts of a Castle.

Currently, we are learning about 4 different types of bridges and how they work.

Words we are learning:

Beam, suspension, arch, keystone, and cantilever.

We will consider

  • How tension and compression work on a bridge.
  • What makes a triangle strong?
  • The different aspects of a bridge such as piles, pillars,       abutments, and cables.


Ways to help at home

  • Talk about anything to do with the topic – in your first language (then in English if comfortable)
  • Share and talk together
  • Explain things
  • Show them things
  • Give them new information
  • Read books together on the topic

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at m.cutler@pointview.school.nz

Added for online learning:

English for Kids

Unite for literacy – use the ‘narration’ image to choose to listen to stories in your home language