Term 4 2020

Year 3

We will be discovering Maori Myths and Legends: Maui and the Fish and Battle of the Mountains.

We will then look more closely at the question: What makes a mountain?

Key concepts:

  • The 3 main layers of Earth:  the crust, the mantle, the core
  • Tectonic Plates
  • Different kinds of mountain shapes (fold, block, cone)
  • Volcanoes – parts of a volcano, why volcanoes erupt

Ways to help at home:

  • Talk about anything to do with the topic -in your first language
  • Share and talk together
  • Explain things
  • Show them things
  • Give them new information
  • Read books together on the topic

Year 4 

During our ESOL lesson we will be looking at recounts and retelling.

We will be using a variety of myths and legends.

Our focus will be

  • regular past tense such as; crawl & crawled, land & landed etc along with irregular past tense such as bring & bought, take and took etc.
  •  time connectives such as; previously, eventually, afterwards earlier etc.
  • sequencing of events

If you have any questions feel free to contact me  m.cutler@pointview.school.nz