Term 1 2021

Added for online learning:

Link to English of Kids

Unite for literacy – use the ‘narration’ image to choose to listen to stories in your home language

Updated Term 1:

  • We are learning vocabulary related to sail boats (America’s Cup)
  • We are learning curriculum vocabulary through listening and speaking tasks

Words we are learning:

The mast, the boom, the mainsail, the jib, the hull, the bow, the stern, the rudder, the tiller, the centreboard

We began by  watching this video and we made and labelled a paper sail boat.

Ways to help at home

  • Talk about anything to do with the topic – in your first language (then in English if comfortable)
  • Share and talk together
  • Explain things
  • Show them things
  • Give them new information
  • Read books together on the topic