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The Trees for Survival programme started at Point View School in 2009 and has been running for 5 years. In 2009 our school grew native seedlings and planted them in a South Auckland farm. Back then I was only in Year 2 and didn’t know anything about Trees for Survival. In Year 4 all I knew about Trees for Survival was that Year 5 and 6 students grew and planted trees. In Year 5 I was growing all the seedlings and watering them myself. In Year 6 I travelled to a farm at the Point View Reserve and planted all the seedlings.

While we were planting trees we were also learning about the importance of them. Before Trees for Survival I didn’t know how important trees were. I also didn’t know that because there weren’t any trees that fish and other animals were dying. Now I know that tree roots stop erosion and stop soil from running into the stream.

To me the Trees for Survival programme means that I will be able to grow up in a nice clean, green environment with fresh air and clear, glimmering lakes. It also means that I will be able to see fish swimming in the park and rivers.

To our school the Trees for Survival programme means that we are all cooperating to live in a better environment. It also gives all of our pupils a proud feeling that they have all contributed to making our community better.

To our community the Trees for Survival programme means that we will be able to live amongst our beautiful native trees. It means that families can happily enjoy the sunshine under New Zealand’s own famous trees. It also means that they can spend quality family time in a refreshing aired park.