Welcome to the Junior School webpage for 2020!

Autumn Walk

Room 3 visited the hive for an autumn walk. We loved looked at the leaves that were on the ground. We waited around to see if we could see any leaves falling from the tree. Everyone got to choose a leaf to take back to class. Before we left the hive, we got to play with the leaves and throw them up in the air! In class, we talked about the colours, shapes, textures of...

Life Education Caravan

Room 4's Life Education Caravan experience: Our Visit to the Life Education Caravan Today we visited the large caravan at our school. We met Kat and she showed us how the lights in the caravan can change colour.  She read a story about Harold the giraffe.  We found out that he likes dressing up, making new friends and he likes to be kind to everyone. We talked about how we can show that we are a good friend. ...

Drama in Room 7

We are so lucky to have Mrs Oldham for Drama. Dressing up, acting, talking and playing are some of our favourite things! Check us out

Room 26

We are so excited to welcome the new children who have started in Room 26 this term!  

Junior School Trip to Butterfly Creek

It was a beautiful, warm and dry day today – just perfect for a trip to Butterfly Creek! There were so many things to do and see there and our wonderful parent helpers took great care of us as we went from place to place. The Butterfly House was aflutter with colourful butterflies flapping and performing mid-air dances all around us. Some found our heads, hands and shoulders handy as places to have a...