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Middle Syndicate Newsletter Term 2, 2021

Middle Syndicate Newsletter T2, 2021  

MIddle School Newsletter Term 1

Middle School Newsletter T1 2021

Room 29 have been ‘buzzy’!

Room 29 have been buzzing with information about bees! We have done lots of ‘wondering and discovering’ about bees in our      inquiry learning and learnt lots about the different bees and how they all work together to produce yummy honey. Here are some of the interesting facts that we learnt… The Queen Bee can lay up to 2,500 eggs! Drone bees get kicked out of the hive and die in autumn! Bees use...

Room 14’s Monday morning Zoom meeting

Room 14’s Monday morning Zoom meeting Bring something that you made out of a cardboard or toilet roll. We had a huge sword, a hulk monster, a cat, a puppy, an owl, a pineapple, minions, ninjas, a unicorn, Spiderman, binoculars, a pirate telescope, a reindeer, a bat, a pencil holder, a roman candle firecracker, forky from Toy Story 4 and a decorated book cover.

Room 12’s landforms learning

Room 12 has been learning about landforms.  We learned about rivers and that they flow from high (mountains) to low places (ocean).  We also learned what happens to rock as it flows down a river to the beach.  The strong flow of the river makes rocks crush into each other, breaking them apart, causing the rock to break into very small pieces that eventually end up in the ocean because all rivers flow to...