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Cross Country and Fun Run

A great morning of fun and fitness. Thanks to Ms Firth for organising this, all the parents who helped and all the students for their enthusiasm. Lots more photos on this Photo Album

Room 31’s trip to Kelly Tarlton’s

On Tuesday 5th July, Room 31 and the Kōwhai Team (Room 11, Room 29 and Room 30) went to Kelly Tarlton's. We had the best day looking at all the animals and finding out about their habitats and adaptations.                                  The next day we did a mini inquiry on our favourite Sea Creature. We had to find out information about their habitat, what they ate, how they protect themselves from predators and how they have...

Room 30’s Cinquains

Room 30 wrote cinquains about autumn.  We brainstormed our topic, trying to come up with everything we could that represented autumn.  Then we had the tricky task of putting our ideas into lines with the correct number of syllables for a cinquain.  Our poems are now displayed in the classroom for everyone to read.

Celebrating Matariki in Room 29

Room 29 has been exploring the history of Matariki, the celebration of the Māori New Year.  We found out that it was a time to gather with your whānau, to give thanks for the past year, to celebrate the harvest, to share stories together, to have celebration feasts together and to fly kites. There are nine stars, each star has a special meaning. Waipunarangi - is the star of rain Hiwa-i-te-rangi - is the star that holds...

Room 16’s Term 2 Highlights

Here are some of Room 16's Term 2 highlights: Autumn Art: We learned about colour mixing and how to create pixelated art by cutting rectangles and glueing them on top of each other.       Auckland Museum Trip: We took a trip to the Auckland Museum to learn about fossils and dinosaurs.