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The Truth According to Lachlan

Lachlan and the truth are  the best of friends.  He would always tell the truth which caused  his family to always trust him.  When Lachlan didn’t hand in his homework, he wouldn't say “My dog ate it.” He would tell the truth and say “l forgot to do it, Mrs Coomes.” When Lachlan ate all of mum’s favourite chocolate out of the cupboard, he wouldn’t blame his sister.   He would just say “Sorry Mum I...

Ode to Cupcakes by Melody

Ode to Cupcakes Oh dear cupcake you are my sunshine on a gloomy, raining day. You make my day by letting me eat every last crumb of your delicious golden skin and soft, chewy body. You are as unique as a beautiful red rose in a field of plain white daisies.  But as soon as a take a bite out of you POOF away you go. I can’t wait to make you again❤ By Melody

A moment in time – by Delta

I saw the humongous bus door opening into a new adventure coming my way! I heard screams of fear on the flying fox as they went.  I felt fear and excitement when I was flying. I wondered what horse I was going to be on and if it was going to be a tall one or a short one. I heard excited people from room 21 when they were about to ride the horse...