Lachlan and the truth are  the best of friends.  He would always tell the truth which caused  his family to always trust him. 

When Lachlan didn’t hand in his homework, he wouldn’t say “My dog ate it.” He would tell the truth and say “l forgot to do it, Mrs Coomes.”

When Lachlan ate all of mum’s favourite chocolate out of the cupboard, he wouldn’t blame his sister.   He would just say “Sorry Mum I was just real hungry”.

When Lachlan kicked the ball over the fence, he didn’t say it was dad he said “Sorry neighbor, can you please throw it back?”

But one April fool’s prank made him a devil!!!  Lachlan’s mum had the idea to prank his dad which would mean Lachlan would have to lie.  He wasn’t sure about lying at first but it sounded like it could be funny.  Dad got home from work and put the McDonald’s rubbish in the bin.  Lachlan gave him a brownie ( that was actually a sponge covered in chocolate icing). “Here Dad I hope you like it”.  One big and funny bite later and Dad saw a blue something in the middle of the brownie. “April fools” Mum and Lachie shouted  as Dad spat a mouthful of sponge back in his bowl.  

Maybe fibbing wasn’t so bad after all .