15.05.19 What a wonderful trip we had today and we were so lucky with the weather. When we arrived we had morning tea and then the children went with their parent helper and enjoyed walking around the Botanic Gardens.  They had to find a range of different flower colours, the  insects that were around the gardens and the variety of leaf shapes. After lunch we met Caroline and she told us that there were 10,000 different kinds of plants at the Botanic Gardens.  At the Education Centre we built life cycles of plants using large, wooden pieces.  Then we discussed the needs of plants and found out that water, sunshine air, soil and nutrients are important to plants.  We looked at the tiger worms and used magnifying glasses to observe them. We went outside and each child planted a bean seed.  We put on our garden gloves and the students got a seedling and planted it in the garden.  After that we swept the paths, washed the trowels, dug the soil and watered the gardens.  Then we washed our hands.  Caroline let us try a piece of persimmon from the large persimmon tree where we were working.  It was so yummy. Then it was time to go on the bus and return to Point View School.

Written by Miss Brunning, Slideshow created by Miss K


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