It was a beautiful, warm and dry day today – just perfect for a trip to Butterfly Creek! There were so many things to do and see there and our wonderful parent helpers took great care of us as we went from place to place.

The Butterfly House was aflutter with colourful butterflies flapping and performing mid-air dances all around us. Some found our heads, hands and shoulders handy as places to have a brief rest.

We were surrounded by giant dinosaurs with unusual names who peered at us through the foliage. Then as we trudged further along the pathway a conglomeration of eels looked up at us and a clutch of otters kept us entertained as the swam and played in the sunshine.

The crocodile show was riveting as we watched intently to see Scar, the saltwater croc, move his mighty body with such ease through the water in search of some lunch. He lunged at a rat and a salmon head held up above him and once he finally had hold of these tasty treats, they were swallowed whole!

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