Junior school’s inquiry focus for term 3 was around water.

We had a visitor from Watercare called Sally. In our first session she talked to us about the water cycle and how our drinking water is collected.She told us that the water moves into pipes and it goes to the water filter station to be cleaned.  They add something to the water to clean it.  It takes a whole school day to clean water.  They clean 350 million litres of water each day. We did experiments with Sally to try to see how we could clean the water by making special filters.

Our second session with Sally from Watercare was also very exciting. Sally showed us how our houses have water pipes that bring clean water and pipes that take dirty water away to be cleaned. She explained that we need to be mindful not to pour anything down drains that could be toxic or that could hurt or damage our oceans and sea creatures. We enjoyed playing team games out doors to see which of our streams and rivers travelled most directly to the “sea”.


~ Here is a recount by Anna from Room 5:

Watercare With Sally

My favourite part of the Waterwise talk was when were going through the brown pipe because I felt like I was in a real pipe that was connected to a lake. We also had to crawl under a table that was covered with a blue towel so it looked like a blue lake.

My second best part was when we had to be scientists and we had to guess if the water will be clean or dirty. We also had to guess if it was a good or a bad filter. I had a lovely lesson with Sally.

By Anna

~ Here is a neat display of rain drops and facts about water by Room 1:

~ Room 2 wrote acrostic poems about rain:

~ Room 17 has been busy doing a lot of learning around water too!


~ Here are some water conservation posters made by Room 6:



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